Extensions Care Guide

  • Never sleep on a wet head as moisture will cause your bonds to break down sooner

  • Sleep on a satin pillow case, this will leave your hair smooth & silky

  • Use an appropriate brush boar bristle or loop syle being the best 

  • Don't over wash your hair.  Try washing every 2-3 days and avoid putting conditioner near the roots

  • Braid dry hair at night in a loose braid to avoid tangles

  • ​Yes, your hair and extensions can be colored before or after application

  • Let a professional color your hair and your extensions to achieve best results

  • If colouring after installation Tammy will do your colour at the salon

  • If you colour you extensions prior to application be carefull not to get dye on the bonds or tape directly as this may affect the bonding

  • Choose a lighter extension to achieve the new "ombre" look

  • When blowdrying your hair do not hold blowdrier directly towards the bonds

  • Flat irons & curling irons are not to touch the bonds.  Avoid the root area

  • When brushing, start at the ends and work your way up, preferably once hair is dry 

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