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I am Interested In Hair Extensions. How do I know what method is right for me?

Typically, for new clients we will book you in for a complimentary consultation to go over options. We will take into account, you lifestyle, your hair goals and the type of hair you have. There are many factors that go into recommending a type of hair extension method, as clients hair is different,  and each client has a separate set of goals or a specific look they are going for. We can offer a variety of methods to suite each individual clients needs and we always want our clients hairs integrity to be at the forefront of our approach. At the end of your consultation you will be given a few options of applicable methods and length options. You will leave you with a quote and all the necessary information to decide if you wish to move forward with the hair extensions. The consolation is always complimentary and there is no obligation. 

How Do I know How much hair I will need?

Depending on what your hair goals are. If you are going for just "more fulness" we typically recommend a "half head"  50 - 100 grams is plenty. If you want great lengths, fulness and just that extra va va voom , we will recommend a "full head"

150 - 200 grams. Again this will vary per client, and if you have a specific budget in mind we can also try to archive your goals within your budget. 

How do I know what color of hair extensions to choose? 

We will help you with this. We can customize any color or color combination. We have an amazing suppliers that can customize any color. We can blend multiple colors together to achieve literally any color you can imagine. You can even use hair extensions to create a new look, like a balyage or a funky color without chemicals touching your scalp. Hair extensions are a great alternative for those wanting to try a new look but don't  want to color their hair.

Are Hair Extensions Damaging?

The long and short of it is that yes hair extensions can damage your hair. We do offer "damage free" extensions but without proper care they can cause stress or even damage to your hair. That is why we always recommend regular maintenance to prevent this from happening. We see our clients on a regular basis with ongoing professional care and maintenance, to make sure there is no damage or stress happening to their own hair. Hair extensions can be a great way to grow out a bad haircut or help with hair loss as long as you follow our recommendations and choose the correct method for your hair type. We have had many success story's of clients happy with their hairs growth and improvement, while having hair extensions for years and years. Its all about choosing the right method for your hair type and taking good care of your hair at home. In many cases hair extensions are no more damaging than a flat iron. If you use them correctly, and take proper care at home they can be, extremely safe your your hair.

How long in between "maintenance" appointments? 

This usually depends what method we have decided is best for your hair and your lifestyle. Some methods require 6 weeks and some can last up to 5 months without "maintinence" or replacing. Some methods we can re-use the hair over a span of 1 to 2 years and some we need to replace every 3 to 5 months, again this depends on how fast clients own hair grows and oteh factors like how much washing is being done at home ect. 

How do I wash and style my new hair extensions?

Home Care Guide

  1. Washing &Conditioning Hair Extensions:

  2. Immediately prior to washing, brush out dry hair with a soft bristle brush. Before shampooing, always apply a little conditioner to the ends of the hair first, then apply shampoo at the root. This step helps to prevent any tangling of the extensions. Use only professional products; ideally a shampoo formulated for color treated hair that doesn’t contain any glycerin, silicons, etc. – and no dandruff shampoo containing sulfur. Keeping the hair flowing in a downward direction, gently lather then rinse thoroughly.

  3. A high quality professional conditioner is important. Remember, do not use any product containing oil or silicone, etc. Apply conditioner to the ends of the hair first then work your way upward. Do not apply conditioner near the attachment sites. Rinse thoroughly, then use a soft towel to absorb the excess water and blot firmly, never rub. Wrap hair with a towel (with hair flowing downward) to absorb moisture. Moisture left around attachment sites can cause the strands to release.

Detangling & Combing

  1. Spray on a professional leave-in conditioner (containing no oil, waxes, glycerin, silicone, ect.) at the ends of the hair and work your way up to the mid-shafts only. Avoid attachment areas. Very gently with the brush, begin to de-tangle from the ends upwards. It is a good idea to hold the extensions at the attachment site while de-tangling to ensure there is no tugging.


Styling the Hair


  1. The best way to keep the hair healthy and shiny is to let the hair air dry 75% before blow drying if possible. We also suggest letting your hair extensions air dry completely with some styling products from time to time to give them a break from heat styling.

  2. Using only moderate heat on a low power setting. Allowing the sites to air dry will permit moisture to remain in the bonded area and can cause premature detachment. Once the attachment sites and hair are completely dry, you can use a flat iron or curling iron on a moderate heat setting, never exceeding 380 degrees.

  3.  A professional thermal hair protector is strongly recommended. Be careful never to let any hot tool come in contact with the attachment sites as it can melt the bond, allowing extensions to slip.

  4. Other styling products such as hairspray, mousse, and gels may be used so long as they contain no silicone, oils, ect. Shine serums, styling pomades, and waxes may be used sparingly and from the mid shafts down only, as they can travel up the shaft and shorten the lift of your extension installation.

What Kind of hair do you use? 

We offer 2 different types of hair to suit your budget an d hair texture. 

Our Indian Remy hair is Graded at a 6A which is a mid range quality. We like this hair for clients that have a more naturally wavy or curly hair. This hair is also great for clients on a budget and wanting a quick installation as this hair can be ordered within a few days. Our Indian remy recommended use is 6 to 12 months of wear.

Our Premium hair is a Russian Remy hair. This hair has a straighter and smoother texture. We use top quality, remy, kosher and cutical intact Human Hair. Our hair is ethically soursed from european suppliers.  Our Premium hair is graded at an 11A it is Top quality and has our top star rating as far as hair goes. The best hair yet! This hair can be custom blended to match any color. This hair is imported from Europe through our sister company Wholesale Hair Canada. Shipping is 2 to 3 weeks. This hair can last up to 2 years with proper care. We will provide a quotes for hair at your consultation. All of our hair is 100% human remy and cuticle in tact. This means no harsh chemicals have been used so the hair remains in its most natural state. We take pride in sourcing the best hair for our clients.  We have tested all of our products to ensure the best quality. 

What are your preferred payment types? 

We Accept Paypal, Visa/ Mastercard, debit and cash

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