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Tammys Topper Collection

Toppers are designed for women suffering from minimal to severe hair loss and/or thinning. We offer 2 different sizes based on coverage needed. The base has small clips around the entire crown area giving you full coverage, maximum volume, fullness/body, and length. These 100% Human hair toppers are so natural, secure and lightweight. No one will even know you are wearing one. 

If you are local to our salon feel free to book an appointment and we will help you choose the perfect topper and completely customize it you your taste. 

Cant get in to do a color match? Don't worry you can email, or text 778-886-0506 and we will walk you through the on-line color matching process. 


 Remy Human Hair Toppers


Light Volume Topper


Light VolumeTopper With Bangs


Medium Volume Topper


Medium Volume Topper With Bangs

Need A custom Topper?


We Can coustomize any of our in stock toppers for you or we can custom order a specific topper to meet your hairloss and color needs. 
Please book and appointment and we can go over everything in the salon. 

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